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In our Asian culture, Marriage is only considered successful if a child gets birth in the family. In Vedic Astrology, we have to check for a couple’s power of reproduction to promise childbirth. Strength of a man to make a woman pregnant depends upon the strength of Sun in his natal chart and strength of Semen depends upon powerful Venus.

Childbirth Problems and Vedic Astrology

Childbirth Problems and Vedic Astrology

In women, Healthy ovary is indicated by powerful Moon and fitness of Ovum depends on Mars. The Conception of a child will take place when the Seed (Father) is Healthy and the Soil (Mother) is Fertile.


Relevant Houses To Consider:

  • 2nd House :- relates to family
  • 5th House :- relates to Children and indicates 1st Child in women’s chart.
  • 6th House :- indicate Labour pain in Women Horoscope.
  • 7th House:- indicates 2nd child in Women’s chart
  • 8th House:- could possibly indicate operations.
  • 9th House :- can show conception of 3rd child in women birth chart.
  • 11th House :- fulfillment of desires and this is 5th House from house of partner i.e 7th House
  • 12th House :- can relate to Hospitality.

Relevant Planets to Consider:

In a Birth Chart, Jupiter is an indicator of a Son but it depends on its position and similarly Venus denotes Sperm. Rulers of Houses are also primary or secondary significators of childbirth. Ketu denotes problems related to conception. Natural and functional malefics also denotes problems in having children. Mercury and Saturn are known as Barren planets.


Relevant Signs:

Aries, Gemini, Leo and Virgo are Impotent signs and their positions in a natal chart can indicate problems.


Important Factors to Consider for Birth of a Child:

  • 5th House and Lord of 5th House.
  • Putrakaraka: Jupter, Sun, Venus, Mars and Moon
  • Navamsha Lord of Jupiter 5th House Lord  and 7th House Lord
  • Planets aspecting and occupying 5th House
  • Divisional Chart Shaptamsha
  • Operational Dasha Period.


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